Local Search Marketing Services

Local search marketing has become very popular in recent years.  When implemented correctly, this method of promoting your business allows you to get ahead of your competitors and other established websites.   The way it works is simple; web users search for local services and products and get a list of location-based results in their browser.  This means that local users can find local services more easily than ever before.

Over 86% of online users search for a local business when they need something.

Research by Kelsey Group

When implementing your local search strategy, we have three main objectives in mind:

  1. To optimise your site effectively so that it ranks highly for relevant location-based search queries
  2. Ensuring that your website ranks highly on search engine maps, e.g. Google Maps
  3. Using a number of social media platforms we will promote your company on a local level.

The Benefits of Local Search Marketing

More and more companies are starting to trade online and if you are already there or thinking of promoting your business in this manner you need to do it right.  We’ll ensure your business can be found easily by potential customers and that you stand out from the crowd with powerful adverts and an outstanding online business profile.  You don’t even need to have a website to take advantage of local search marketing.We get your business noticed for all the right reasons and fast!

Local search optimisation gives you the following business benefits:

  • More local visitors from your targeted locations
  • Improved online visibility
  • Enhanced local profile
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Improved local brand awareness

More and more people are using the Internet to locate local services and products.  Whether it’s a restaurant, a plumber, a gardener, or a mortgage advisor, consumers know it’s easier than ever before to track down local services at the click of a button.

With more and more companies realising this too the market is saturated with online business listings.  However, not all listings are equal.  To ensure you get great exposure to local web users you need to ensure your business listing is built as completely and as effectively as possible.  Many companies have failed in this area and this is where we can help.

By analysing your competition, understanding your market, and developing a killer business profile, we’ll make sure your potential customers get to see your business at the top of their search results.

Here Are Some Interesting Figures…

Let’s take a look at some recent search volumes for local services.  The figures below show the keyword that was used to search for a service and how many monthly searches were carried out by consumers:

Plumbers London  – 20,000 monthly searches

Plumbers Nottingham – 5,000 monthly searches

Plumbers Liverpool – 3,000 monthly searches

Solicitor London – 70,000 monthly searches

Solicitor Nottingham – 10,000 monthly searches

Solicitor Liverpool – 25,000 monthly searches

The figures above show just how lucrative local search marketing could be for your business if you could reach a good percentage of these local customers.   We’ll use local search marketing on its own or part of a broader range of SEO services that will give your business more exposure than you thought possible.

Surprisingly, local search marketing is still a relatively underused process compared to other marketing techniques.  This is mainly because business owners don’t understand the technology and how important it is to their online exposure.  We do understand the technology and will ensure your business is visible to as many local customers as possible.

Do what 9 out of 10 of your local competitors aren’t and tap into the power of local search marketing today!

We’ll learn all we can about your business, your business goals and any other relevant information we need to start building you an outstanding business profile.  Using an intensive and structured approach we’ll get your business online and give you multiple points of contact with your customers and prospects.