Local Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective methods of online advertising you can use.  Run a search on Google for any subject and you will see PPC adverts sitting in prominent positions on the right-hand side of your results page and also within the ‘Sponsored Links’ heading at the top.  The great thing about PPC adverts is that you don’t pay for your advertising unless somebody clicks on your link.  More about that later….

Pay Per Click advertising is big business and even small local companies are getting in on the act.  If you want a method of targeting more local customers that’s cost effective and gives excellent returns, PPC is for you.

Local business ads online operate in much the same way as you would advertise in your local newspaper in terms of wording.  The difference is you don’t have to rely on newspapers being delivered to prospective customers and you don’t have to compete with hundreds of other adverts on the same page.  Online, local business ads integrate perfectly with geographic systems such as Google Places allowing you to target local customers easily.

Why PPC is Perfect for Small Business

If you thought that PPC was only relevant to larger companies, SEO Essex can show you the other side of the coin.  There was once a time when only the big guns with large advertising budgets could afford to place effective and prolific advertising.  Nowadays, with the launch of targeted business directories and search engines such as Yell.com and Google Places, local business ads are open to any business of any size.

How Does Pay Per Click Work?

Local PPC ads follow the same basic principles as old-school Yellow Pages or the Thompson directory adverts.  Many sites give you the option to create free business listings and adverts, but your site will get much better and wider exposure if you pay for your local business ads.  The beauty of local listings is that the enquiries you receive will be from local people rather than those who are likely, through no fault of their own, to waste your time as they are outside of your service area.  Companies such as plumbers, builders, and electricians can really benefit from local business ads and we can help to create advertising campaigns that help you win more business and outdo your competition time and time again.

As mentioned previously, it costs nothing for your advert to be published.  You only get charged each time somebody clicks on your advert and the amount you pay will depend on a number of factors such as positioning of your ad and which keywords are being targeted.  Don’t worry, we will work these elements out for you and can also help you with the wording of your ad.

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Is Pay Per Click sounds like something your business could do with, get in touch with SEO Essex today.  We’ll formulate the best marketing strategy so that your ads work beautifully and bring more local business your way.