Google Places SEO

It’s important that your local customers can find your business easily online and Google Places is the service that makes this possible. More and more people are tapping into local search to find the local services and products they need. Surprisingly, millions of companies have failed to realise the benefits of local search marketing and how it can bring them more business in a relatively short space of time.

Google is the industry leader when it comes to local search marketing and delivers innovative and user-friendly directories allowing local customers to find your business easily on Google Places. When it comes to understanding how local search marketing works, we knows the tricks and techniques that will have local customers queuing at your door.

Google Places Optimisation - Get Listed, Get Noticed

A high quality business listing on Google Places will ensure you get noticed for all the right reasons and win more local business than ever before. Google Places is perfect for many smaller companies as it does not require you to have a website. And if you do have a website we can put together a package that includes optimisation of your web pages to bring you even higher search engine rankings and results.

We’ll build you a complete business profile including the following essential elements:

  • Company information
  • Company logo and slogans
  • Your contact details
  • Map location
  • Details of your services and products
  • Your hours of business
  • Video and images (if provided)

We’ll ensure your profile is unique and built using all available fields to ensure it gives your customers all the information they need to consider doing business with you. We can also give you lots of useful advice on how to interact with your customers so that they leave reviews and comments. Online citations such as this are the building blocks that give you higher rankings on Google Maps.

If You Need Google Places Help – Make Local Search A Priority

Gain higher search engine rankings on Google Places, Yahoo and Bing Local

Ask yourself how often you use your favourite search engine to find local services. We’d hazard a guess that it’s quite often. Most web users do the same these days, tapping queries into their mobile phones when on the move and using their home internet to track down reputable local companies.

If you own a business then it’s essential your local customers can find you. Whether you’re an online business or a physical store out on the high street, local search has never been more important. Competition is fierce and it’s important you don’t let your competitors steal your customers from under your nose.

At LSM, we understand local search and use it every day to promote our clients’ websites and also our own. We’ll use proven SEO techniques together with Google Places technology to ensure your business appears time and time again to those looking for your particular service. Remember, people searching for services and products are more likely to purchase now so give them a reason to do so with a high quality Google Places profile.

The True Cost of Local Search Marketing & Google Places Optimisation

Many business owners don’t bother to implement local search marketing because they think it will cost a fortune. The truth is that the returns far outweigh the outlay and we’d be more than happy to prove that with our statistics. We can give you an estimate of local search marketing costs for your particular business.

It’s all about conversion rates. When a web user first finds your Google Places listing, they are still a web user. If they click on your link, they are converted to a visitor and the conversion is complete once they make a sale. We can help to ensure more web users are converted to paying customers as a result of a top quality Google Places listing.

When Will You See Results?

If you’ve been approached by SEO companies claiming they can double your sales in a week, steer well clear! As a guide, it can take anything up to 6 months to gain the top spot in local search results. We need to first analyse the competition, research relevant keywords, and develop a local search strategy that works for your business.
This really depends on your current SEO status and the level of competition for your keywords. As a guide, it can take up to 6 months to secure top positions in local results, on the other hand if your keywords aren’t too competitive and you already have a localised SEO presence you can be showing up within days.