Facebook Marketing

The power of Facebook as a social networking resource knows no bounds so imagine how powerful this technology could be when used to market your products or services.  With 500 million members and growing, Facebook has rapidly become the most popular platform used today for online advertising.  Never before has it been easier to target people by their location, age, sex or interests.  For the first time ever, online advertising has been hailed as being bigger than TV, radio or print methods of marketing.  Now that’s certainly something worth thinking about.

Anybody can market their business on Facebook, from dentists to florists and banks to television corporations.  Small business owners can also benefit greatly from localised Facebook campaigns – these days it’s so easy to target a local audience that are ready and waiting to use your services or buy from you.  Local business marketing simply does not work without location targeting and Facebook does this beautifully.

Facebook is bigger than Google. Fact!

Why Facebook Marketing Works

  • You connect with real people in real time
  • Tailor your marketing with relevant and engaging ads
  • Reach an audience of over 500 million Facebook users
  • Interact with your target market and generate interest and feedback
  • Target users by using Facebook filters for country, city, gender etc.

Our Facebook Marketing Services and Strategies

  • Audience Identification –We’ll first analyse and identify your target market including the estimated audience size and marketing costs.
  • Development of Facebook Pages – We’ll design, build and manage Facebook pages that are designed to promote your business perfectly.
  • Creatine Design – Our creative team will get to work on producing some eye-catching ads that get your message across to your target audience effectively.
  • Statistical Monitoring – We have a wide range of tools at our disposal allowing us to give you regular reports on the progress of your Facebook campaigns.  A typical report will include data regarding the number of people that are engaging with your ad, where they are located and other relevant information.
  • ROI Reporting – We understand how important ROI is to any business.  We’ll give you up to date monthly ROI performance reports detailing your exact expenditure vs conversation rates.

Facebook Business Page Design Services

The design, look, and feel of your business Facebook pages are important and just as important as the home page on your website.  It’s essential that you give the right first impression and one that fits the image of your company.  At the same time you need to engage and interact with your target audience in a way that makes them want to make repeat visits and ultimately do business with you.  We’ll design pages that do exactly that and will work closely with you to ensure we get branding and design just right.

Connect With Your Customers Using Our Facebook Marketing Services

The major benefit of Facebook is that it allows two way interactions between brand and customer.  Messages can be left in real-time for other members of the community to see and the interaction continues.  Never before has it been so easy to gauge how your business is perceived, what your customers like or dislike, or to share information across your customer base.

Unlike many other SEO companies, we can provide you with a complete one-stop solution for all your local search marketing, search engine optimisation and online marketing requirements.  We’ve developed many successful Facebook campaigns and would be delighted to take on any marketing you need assistance with.  We’ll ensure your Facebook pages are designed so that your brand is represented effectively and that you reach a target audience bigger than ever before.